Mittuniversitetet, Institutionen för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap

Gaskeuniversiteete/Mid-Sweden University is located in the middle of the Southern Sami area in Sápmi. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences operates at Campus Sundsvall and Campus Östersund. Activities include research and education within the subjects of Civics, Comparative Literature, Criminology, English, Gender Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, Southern Sami, Swedish as a Second Language, and Swedish Language. The research is conducted within each respective subject and within the Risk and Crisis Research Center (RCR), Forum for Gender Studies (FGV), and DEMICOM (an interdisciplinary centre for research on journalism, crisis communication, media development, and organizational and political communication).

Job description

The main responsibilities that the position entails are teaching and supervision of students at the undergraduate level in Criminology, but also to be involved in education curriculum development and designing of courses. The position also include own research where the employee has research time and competence development time up to 25% in the position. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the development and organisation of the subject of Criminology, as well as to the development of the research environment in the unit of Criminology och Sociology. The position includes time for administration according to current working hours agreements and local guidelines.


An applicant is qualified as a Senior Lecturer if s/he has a PhD or a relevant foreign degree that is deemed equivalent to a PhD.  Applicants may have their background in Criminology or in an equivalent subject.

Basis of assessment

Equal importance will be given to the pedagogical/didactic skills as to the research competence of the applicant. The research competence will be evaluated based on the quality and quantity of the submitted documentation. The pedagogical/didactic skills will be evaluated based on demonstrated teaching experience as well as the quality of teaching. Desirable for the position is having previous research within the criminological field, particularly in the area of violence and crime prevention and previous teaching experience in criminology. It is further desirable if the applicant has pedagogical education in higher education, or has gained equivalent knowledge and shown pedagogical skill in some other way (HF 4 kap 4§;

Since the position includes a contact with students and collaboration with colleagues, good collaboration skills, social skills and good communication skills are important.

The position will be processed in accordance with the Swedish Higher Education Act, 4th Chapter, (Högskoleförordningens 4 kap.) and in accordance with the employment procedure of Mid Sweden University.

Position details:
One year temporary position, Full-time. The position will be filled as soon as possible or in agreement with the department.

Place of position
Östersund or Sundsvall. Since campus based education is offered at Campus in Sundsvall, presence at Campus Sundsvall is expected.

Salary: Individual salary is applied.

For more information, please contact the director of studies Magnus Granberg, email: phone: (+46)10-142 84 36 and/or Head of Department Pär Olausson, email: or phone: (+46)10-142 85 47


Welcome with your application via our recruitment system no later than 2023-04-30.

First day of employment as soon as possible by agreement
Salary Individual salary setting is applied
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Sundsvall
County Västernorrlands län
Country Sweden
Reference number MIUN 2023/850
Union representative
  • Per Bergman, Fackförbundet ST, 010-1428371
  • Ummis Jonsson, Saco, 010-1428809
Last application date 30.Apr.2023 11:59 PM CEST

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